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Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide! [Dec. 7th, 2010|07:09 pm]

we'll be there and you will be too:
10.12.10: glasgow, classic grand
11.12.10: sheffield, corporation
12.12.10: london, o2 islington academy

as always, know your songs, know your lyrics, know your duties.
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. [Oct. 24th, 2010|01:36 pm]

10.12.10: glasgow, classic grand
11.12.10: sheffield, corporation
12.12.10: london, o2 islington academy

Know your songs, know your lyrics, know your duties.
Be prepared and have your hymnals ready.
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. [Feb. 4th, 2010|08:01 am]
Random Is Resistance Tour-Update

ROTERSAND couldn't have hoped for a more successful start of their The Random Is Resistance Tour than the Utrecht show. Great crowd, great vibes and the live premieres of the new songs from the "Random Is Resistance" album worked out very well. Around 02.00 in the morning three happy "sand-men" drove home through an icy and snowy night.

Next Friday the tour will continue at the Matrix in Bochum. MODCOM will start off the evening at 20.00 immediately followed by ROTERSAND - so don't be late. After that you can keep it up at the EoD Party. On Saturday our schedule takes us to the Illuminèe in Bremen, which will be about the closest we'll get to our namesake during this tour.

Unfortunally the concert in Berlin, originally scheduled for the 13th of February 2010, had to be cancelled for personal reasons: One band member has to take care of unexpected and urgent familiy business. Sorry to all Berliners - we will try to make up for this. But since we cannot promise anything, we recommend that you make use of the option to return your tickets at this time.

The shows in Hamburg (14.02.10) and Cologne (19.02.10) will see us as planned and in mint condition - and we're looking forward to meeting you there.

But right now it's your turn to shout "Bochum, here we come". Be there, when ROTERSAND and Ronan Harris' MODCOM will be brandishing the "Electro-club" once again (hopefully both at the same time...).
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. [Jan. 22nd, 2010|09:47 am]
Rotersand Random Is Resistance Tour Meet & Greet

The Electro-Circus is in town!

Win a meet & greet with Rotersand in the city of your choice
and take your chance to shape Rotersand's setlist!

Meet the band BACKSTAGE:
You always wanted to meet Rotersand behind the scenes? Go ahead, write an email to and tell us, why in the world the Band should meet YOU! Please also name the city where you want to have a backstage beer with Rotersand. Choose from:
Utrecht (Tivoli - 30.01.10)
Bochum (Matrix – 05.02.10)
Bremen (Illuminee – 06.02.10)
Berlin (Postbahnhof – 13.02.10)
Hamburg (Logo – 14.02.10)
Cologne (Werkstatt – 19.02.10)
Montreal (Kinetik festival - 16.05.10)

Get your grip on the Rotersand setlist!
Take the chance to vote for your three favourite songs you want Rotersand to perform during their shows and send their titles to - but you've got to hurry...

Link to Rotersand's video message on youtube:
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(no subject) [Dec. 16th, 2009|09:31 pm]
the end is near!

the end of the year 2009 that is. for us it's been action-packed exiting and successful. a big thank you goes out to all of our fans out there. to make sure that we stay on the same track in 2010, we will be playing a bunch of shows starting already at the end of january. the following dates have been fixed so far:

rotersand playing live
30.01.2010 / nl utrecht - tivoli
05.02.2010 / d bochum - matrix
06.02.2010 / d bremen - illumine
13.02.2010 / d berlin - postbahnhof
14.02.2010 / d hamburg - logo
19.02.2010 / d köln - werkstatt

so, if you feel like getting rid of those unwanted deposits you may have gained over the festive season, feel free to rave away at one of the rotersand live music fitness centers listed above. see you there.
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"lifelight" goes online. [Jul. 31st, 2009|10:30 am]

"lifelight", the official forum of the band rotersand goes online ( on 7.8.2009 at 18.00.
to celebrate the opening, rasc, krischan and gun will be available for a live chat from 20.00 to 22.00 that day. so if there's anything you want to know about rotersand - here's your chance to get first hand answers. log on and find out about the new ep „war on error“ and the forthcoming album „random is resistance“!

in addition, there will be a post linking to the first public broadcast of material taken from the ep „war on error“. (release date: 28.8.2009). you can actually check out some of the new material already 3 weeks before the official release!

only one day after the official opening of the forum, rotersand and front 242 will be co-headlining the summer darkness festival in utrecht/netherlands on 8.10.2009.

in september rotersand and vnv nation will be on tour across europe and on 23.10.2009 (how fitting a date!) the new album „random is resistance“ will be released.

here's the rotersand schedule for the second half of 2009:

07.08.09, from 18.00:
opening of the forum

07.08.09, 20.00 -22.00:
live chat in the rotersand forum with rasc, krischan, gun

08.08.09, 21.00:
rotersand live at the summer darkness in utrecht/nl

ep release „war on error“

september 2009:
european tour with vnv nation

album release “random is resistance”

all times indicated are central european summer time (cest).

see you soon -
your favourite band
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something's cooking under the hood... [Jul. 14th, 2009|08:17 am]

1. new e.p. "war on error"
2. new album "randon is resistance"
3. rotersand forum "lifelight"

visit to find out more

stay tuned to
your favourite band

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the final countdown (2008) [Dec. 23rd, 2008|09:56 pm]
slowly but surely the year 2008 draws to an end and everybody likes to take some time to look back - so why shouldn't we? we played quite some shows at home and abroad, we very successfully released the cd/dvd "i cry" and in between we also signed to our new label "trisol".
you wouldn'd call that an idle year, would you? and we could easily sit back and stare into the crackling fireside. but we won't. instead, we're going to step it up once more and spend the final days of the year on the road burning a fireworks of live shows:

25.12.2008: chemnitz, stadthalle, dark storm festival 2008
26.12.2008: berlin, postbahnhof, neuwerk festival 2008
27.12.2008: düsseldorf, stahlwerk, neuwerk festival 2008
28.12.2008: ludwigsburg, rockfabrik, dark x-mas
29.12.2008: augsburg, rockfabrik, dark x-mas

well then, those of you unwilling to sit at home between christmas goose and new years eve party should know what to do by now, right? see you!

your favourite band
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no oops, but still... [Sep. 12th, 2008|06:38 pm]
...we did it again:
since last week we're the number one in the german alternative charts (dac). little by little our new ep "i cry" had climbed up and eventually reached the top! thanks to all of our fans, all dj's, all dealers and - last not least thanks to our label - for their fantastic support on this mission. there is a also a limited edition with a bonus dvd available in your record stores and at! it contains some recordings taken from concerts of our "world tour" with covenant, featuring a previously unreleased live version of "undone" as well as an in-depth interview with the band. for more information go to

by the way, this ep is our first release since we signed to the successful trisol label in june 2008. the label managers alex storm and johnnie clapper are looking after their new "baby" themselves and we have got quite some things coming during the next months. for more information on trisol go to and click on the trisol-logo!

there are also new liveshows coming up:

13.09.2008: d, kassel, animal right festival (charity event)

03.10.2008: nl, dordrecht, bibelot

11.10.2008: uk, sheffield, corporation

12.10.2008: uk, london, dingwalls

12.12.2008: e, barcelona, sala bikini

14.12.2008: e, madrid, sala heineken

25.12.2008: d, chemnitz, stadthalle, dark storm festival 2008

26.12.2008: d, berlin, postbahnhof, neuwerk festival 2008

27.12.2008: d, düsseldorf, stahlwerk, neuwerk festival 2008

28.12.2008: d, ludwigsburg, rockfabrik

29.12.2008: d, augsburg, rockfabrik

we're looking forward to meeting many of you there and we will have a signing session after the gigs at all of the shows. so bring to the concerts whatever you consider worth singning...  

electronic regards
your favourite band
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